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Behind the scenes with Corona Beer

This project focussed on the ocean. A perfect film for the Adrift team to capture. Working alongside the Wind Collective and with director Clé Hunnigan, we ventured down to the Cornish coastline for a week long shoot centred in Newquay. A week spent capturing everything from sunrise missions on the rugged Cornish headlands, surfing sessions from dawn to dusk, a day in a vintage VW split-screener and everything in-between.

Outdoor adventures are what we capture best on film and photo, and this trip allowed us to be in our element with using our cameras. As the videographers of this shoot, it was our job to capture every moment of detail from close ups and headshots to the wide establishing aerial footage.

Secrets of the Sea | Corona

Director: Clé Hunnigan

DOP: Alice Greenfield

Drone Operator: Sam Morris

Edit: Barnabas Keleman

Stills: Svenja Krüger

VO: Rachel Bowler


Caoilfhionn Maguire

Camille Hunnigan

Sophie Hellyer

Anna Blackwell


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