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Behind the scenes with Rapanui

The seasons are starting to change and with them comes a whole new world of colours and textures. Autumn brings a gorgeous palette of warm oranges, deep browns, and vibrants yellows to really spice up everyones Instagram feeds. There was no way we were going to skip the colours turning so recently the Adrift team packed their bags and headed to North Wales. Snowdonia National Park is known for is diverse landscapes, deep lakes and stunning wildlife. The perfect place to embrace it all.

Joining us would be a new client; Rapanui.

Rapanui are a brilliantly sustainable company based on the Isle of Wight who produce organic cotton apparel. They have plastic-free packaging, are a fair and ethic business, champion circular fashion and only produce to order to reduce waste.

We were asked to put their newly released sustainable jacket to good use by creating a promo film of our adventures, and that's exactly what we did. The water-repellent jacket, made from breathable organic canvas, made it the perfect layer for mountain hikes, relaxing in the countryside and unpredictable downpours.


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