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Thank you for the opportunity.


Our aim is to help share stories with the world. Some stories use video, others use photography, we can help you with both. With years of film and photography production experience, our main mission is to create stunning visual content that serves online audiences. Through creating timeless video and digital media, using the best technologies, and working with the best creative minds, Adrift has helped many brands and businesses inspire target audiences to take the next step. We take pride in ensuring a very seamless positive relationship experience with every client we work with. 


We look forward to putting our talents to use to push your organisation forward. Please see our proposal below. 

- Alice Greenfield

Co-founder - Adrift Visuals 

We are passionate storytellers

capturing moments in motion 

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Adrift is a UK based photography and video production agency specialising in producing creative, engaging, story-based visual content for the adventure and outdoors sector.

Born through Alice and Sam's joint passion for the ocean and the great outdoors, Adrift has captured moments for brands across the globe. 

We believe that creative production is a specialist activity. By solely focusing on content production and storytelling, Adrift uses the power of in-house specialist knowledge to deliver agile, high-quality photography, and video production. 

Our aim is to capture the moments that simply can't be made by staying still.



Before you go, here's some peace of mind...


We aim to simplify the production process so you don't need to worry about anything. With a series of safeguarding procedures, we are constantly backing up your footage to illuminate the need for re-shoots.


We also work with a strong network of videographers and photographers meaning that if someone is sick

before a shoot we can call upon trusted contacts that have our back.

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We like to keep things pretty 'reel' at Adrift. Social media is a big part of our everyday lives and a huge driving force for our business.  We have grown with the online world and understand what makes people tick on each platform. With this in mind, we are forever focused on what's new and exciting in the online world and very open to new ways of content creation and production. We ask that our clients are open and flexible to these new practices we instill in our productions. This means that if you see us on our phone during a shoot, it's for good reasons! 

Chat to the co-founders on Instagram...

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Love what you see? Want to start work? Have any questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this proposal, production equipment, costings and about myself and the team.




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