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Moments in motion, captured with love

by Adrift Visuals

About Adrift weddings

Adrift Visuals was born from Sam and Alice's joint passion for capturing the 'once in a lifetime moments'. Whether that's capturing a stunning landscape during the perfect light or being invited to capture a special wedding day.


From initial booking to delivery of your online album, we are personal and at your service. We want to document your special day using the best technology, skills and experience from years of practice. From the candid moments to the fine details, we'll capture it all without stepping on anyone toes.

We want you and your guests to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, and that's why we don't use flash.  It's our duty, and pleasure, to ensure you fall in love with every moment captured with Adrift Visuals, to share and cherish forever. 

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Your day beautifully captured, with a digital album, yours to last a lifetime. 


Your story from where it all begins. Candid moments to share with friends and family. 

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Cinematic Stories

Moments in motion. A short film starring you. 


Your day, captured from a whole new perspective. We offer fully licensed and insured flights for your day.

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"The wedding film Alice created for us will be treasured for a lifetime. She managed to capture even the smallest of moments, which conjure every emotion felt during the day to the viewer. It has been an absolute delight to share this work with our family and friends, and the feedback has been only the utmost praise for what Alice has produced.


‘Unique, overwhelming, exceptional, tears of joy, felt like I was there, and the best advert for a Bulgarian traditional wedding there is’, are some of their responses.


We simply cannot thank Alice enough. She was not only very professional at her craft but a delight to have at the event itself with her kind approachable character, enabling us to easily trust her with complete freedom to capture our special day”

- Claire and Yasen -

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