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Adrift partners with Mermaid Atlantic on their Talisker Whisky Challenge '23

Adrift Visuals is excited in announce their involvement as media partners in the

Mermaid Atlantic Talisker Challenge Campaign 2023.

The newly formed Mermaid Atlantic crew is undertaking the infamous Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, which is considered the world's toughest row. This challenge involves rowing over 3,000 nautical miles from La Gomera, in the Canary Islands, to Antigua, in the Caribbean, and is expected to take around two months to complete. This challenge is not only physically demanding but also requires great mental strength and endurance, as the crew members will face unpredictable weather conditions, isolation, sleep deprivation and the constant threat of capsizing or encountering dangerous marine life.

The Mermaid Atlantic team is made up of three rowers: Xavier Baker, Paul Berry and Chris Mannion, and they are rowing to raise awareness and funds for Surfers Against Sewage, The Seahorse Trust and Hampshire & IoW Wildlife Trust, as well as other amazing sponsors. Their personal reasons for undertaking this challenge are as varied as their backgrounds, but all share a common passion for the ocean and its conservation. The team is also supported by a dedicated team of family and friends, who will be monitoring their progress and offering support from afar.

Adrift Visuals is partnering with Mermaid Atlantic to document their journey, from the initial training sessions on their local beach to collecting the boat and getting their sponsors' logos wrapped on the boat. The shooting process involves capturing both video and photos for regular updates from the crew, with interviews and landmarks along the way. This will result in a longer documentary-style piece being created at the end, showing the whole process from start to finish, along with the sacrifices and mental and physical demands that the team had to go through to prepare and complete this challenge.

For more information about the campaign please visit:

"Three friends, all alike in ambition, are undertaking the ultimate ocean encounter in 2023, The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. The mission is two-fold, firstly to communicate the detrimental effect of waste items on the ocean. Plastic is the biggest culprit, but many materials do not decompose, polluting the water, damaging ecosystems and threatening marine life.

The second is to raise awareness of the power of seagrass and the role it plays in combating the climate crisis. Home to many sea creatures and pivotal in the protection of shorelines, seagrass is the unsung hero of the ocean, not to mention a huge carbon sink, sequestering it 35 times faster than the rainforests. However, its survival is threatened by human intervention, including mooring anchors, buoys and pollution, to name a few.

Being mindful of the environmental impact of the race, the team are aiming to compete as a Net-Zero outfit. Through monitoring all actions and logistics, they will calculate and offset their carbon footprint through blue carbon credits, in which seagrass projects are included"


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