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Behind the scenes with wildlife photographer Felix Rome

At Adrift, we love capturing stories of passionate people who love what they do. This video project for renowned wildlife photographer, Felix Rome, was a perfect pairing.

We set out to capture a video and a series of images for his newly designed website which included a voice over written by Felix about his experiences as a photographer.

The content was produced at Felix's childhood home in leafy Wiltshire. Felix was keen for us to capture an authentic representation of a normal day out exploring. From setting up his equipment, to making a nice hot brew whilst patiently waiting for some action.

We were filming for a good four hours from sunrise and spent some time looking for the perfect shot of a deer. We had no actual luck on the shoot day so Felix included an image of a deer taken months after the production in the same thick of woods.

The film will be used to give more of an insight into Felix's work as he grows and evolves in his field.

You can find out more about Felix here:


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