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Behind the scenes with Raw Sport and Paul Minter

The Adrift team headed up to Skegness back in late October 2020 to produce a special video about Paul Minter and his collaboration with Raw Sport.

About Paul Minter and Head Up

Paul Minter, who has served nearly 18 years in the British Army, completing several frontline tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, has created a new mental health charity; Head Up. The charity aims to provide mental health support for UK military personnel and veterans by establishing a retreat where members of the Army, RAF and Navy – past and present – can receive a person-centred and holistic mental health provision.

Paul on set, having a well deserved post workout smoothie, 2020

Paul is undertaking a run to help fund Head Up and not just any run but a 5,800 mile one. He will be running the entire circumference of the UK and Northern Ireland. He will be relying on the goodwill of military families across the country (as well as the general public) for food and shelter along the way. With this incredible story and passion for mental health support around the UK, Dean Howell from RAW Sport came onboard to support Paul with all of his nutrition needs throughout his training, run and journey.

The Adrift team met Paul and Dean along the beach in Huttoft, Burton Upon Trent, for a conversation focused video to explain and explore why Paul started the Head Up charity. With Dean’s vital input and knowledge of the essential nutrition and supplements that are going to be needed from start to finish, the duo chatted openly together whilst on the beach.

Dean and Paul, warming up on the windy and wet Huttoft beach, 2020n

Producing the content

Production started on this project back in September 2020. Knowing that we wanted to capture a candid and authentic interview, we decided to loosely story board the hero film. In the lead up to the shoot day we were having a series of terribly wet weather across the UK.

We made sure that even though this video was based around a conversation we needed to capture some dynamic BROLL to show off the more active side of their stories. From beach runs and HIT styled exercises, to strength training and of course a post work out drink! With an afternoon to film this project, we had no time to waste, with the weather and light during the time of year of the shoot being very against us.

Dean repping his Raw Sport hoodie, 2020

It was an honour for Adrift to work on this project with these two men, to learn about Pauls story, and about the importance of food and nutrition when it comes to mental health.

You can find out more about Pauls mission at

Stay tuned for the launch of the video! A big thank you to Ed at Dark Green PR.


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