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Capturing Olympic Sailors Saskia Tidey and Freya Black for Mainbrace

In 2022, Adrift Visuals had the pleasure of working with Mainbrace Rum on their latest campaign, featuring brand ambassadors Saskia Tidey and Freya Black. The shoot took place at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA), where the Adrift team captured a series of stunning images and videos both on land and at sea.

Mainbrace Rum is a premium rum brand that takes its inspiration from the rich history of rum and sailing. The brand's name comes from the nautical term "mainbrace," which refers to the rope that controls the sail closest to the wind on a sailing ship. Mainbrace Rum aims to capture the spirit of adventure and discovery that has been an integral part of the world of sailing and rum for centuries.

The WPNSA in Portland provided the perfect backdrop for the campaign, with its picturesque coastline and world-class sailing facilities. Saskia Tidey, a double Olympian, and Freya Black, an upcoming British talent, were the perfect choices to represent Mainbrace Rum's commitment to excellence and adventure.

The shoot took place on a beautiful day with amazing weather conditions, including sunshine and the perfect amount of wind - what sailors call 'Champagne Sailing'. These ideal conditions allowed the Adrift team to capture even more breathtaking shots of the brand ambassadors and the stunning scenery.

Alice and Sam, the Adrift team, used their expertise in photography and videography to create a series of images and videos that captured the essence of Mainbrace Rum's brand. From close-up shots of the rum's rich amber colour to panoramic shots of the coastline, and high speed action shots of the sailing.

But perhaps the most challenging aspect of the shoot was capturing images from a boat. Shooting on land is one thing, but shooting from a moving boat presents a whole new set of challenges. Alice and Sam had to use their skills and experience to capture stable and clear images while dealing with factors like wind, waves, and boat movements.

To overcome these challenges, the Adrift team used specialised equipment like stabilisers and tripods to keep the camera steady. They also communicated closely with the boat crew to coordinate their movements and ensure they were in the right position for the shot.

Georgie from the Mainbrace Marketing team was present on the shoot, and the Adrift team was able to develop a great relationship with her. This is crucial in the creative industry, as building strong relationships with clients and collaborators is key to delivering successful projects.

After capturing the footage and images on land and at sea, the Adrift Visuals team had to turn around the content within a week to meet a strict deadline. In post-production, Alice and Sam edited the videos and images respectively, and one crucial step they took was colour grading. This involves adjusting the colours, tones, and contrast to create a specific mood or atmosphere that aligns with the creative vision of the project.

For the Mainbrace Rum shoot, the Adrift Visuals team maintained a consistent colour palette and tones across both mediums to create a cohesive and in-sync series of work. This attention to detail can make a huge difference in the final product and can really help to make the visuals more engaging and impactful for the viewer. By using colour grading to enhance the natural beauty of the scenery and subject matter, the team was able to bring the story to life in a way that was visually stunning and engaging for the audience.

The result was a stunning collection of images and videos that showcased Mainbrace Rum's brand and its commitment to adventure and excellence. The campaign was a great success, and Adrift Visuals was proud to be a part of it.

In conclusion, the Mainbrace Rum campaign at WPNSA was a great example of how photography and videography can capture the essence of a brand and its values. The Adrift team's skills and creativity, combined with Mainbrace Rum's commitment to excellence, resulted in a campaign that truly stood out. The amazing weather conditions, the challenging but rewarding shoot from a boat, the great relationship with Georgie from Mainbrace Marketing, the strict deadline, and the synchronised work across videos and images were all important elements that contributed to the success of the campaign.

If you want to see more images from this project please check out the work page.


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