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Hot Honey Pizza with Ooni

In the autumn of 2022, Adrift Visuals had the pleasure of embarking on a delicious shoot with Ooni ovens, presented by influencer Chris at Dough Ball Disco. The Adrift team captured still and motion for a new pizza recipe, showcasing the versatility and quality of their products.

The campaign was shot on the picturesque Isle of Wight at two different locations - the Bunbury Bee's farm in Newport and the private garden of a friend with the perfect decking. The team took full advantage of the stunning surroundings to create some visually stunning imagery. Alice was the lead videographer on the shoot, working alongside Sam, the lead photographer.

Ooni is a leading company in the outdoor cooking industry, specialising in creating innovative, high-quality pizza ovens that allow users to create authentic pizzas from the comfort of their own homes. Their products are loved by amateur and professional chefs alike, and their reputation for excellence is well-established in the industry. For this shoot, they wanted someone a little bit different - bring in the bees!

The team captured the bees at Bunbury Bee's farm to showcase Chris harvesting honey for the stunning hot honey sauce that would go on top of the pizza - a delicious touch that added depth to the recipe.

Working with bees can be both challenging and dangerous, especially when you're required to wear a bee suit or costume. Beekeepers and photographers alike face a variety of hazards, including stings and allergic reactions, and must exercise caution when working in close proximity to these insects.

Additionally, bee suits can be hot and cumbersome, making it difficult to move and see clearly, which can also pose a risk when working around bees. Despite these challenges, working with the bees was a very rewarding and fascinating experience.

After the shoot, Adrift Visuals went into post-production to edit the images captured, the video was edited by Chris remotely. The team worked to create a final product that accurately reflected the brand values of Ooni while showcasing the unique pizza recipe created by Chris.

In today's social media landscape, vertical video has become increasingly popular. This is due in part to the rise of mobile phone usage and the ease of capturing footage in portrait orientation. Many social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, have embraced vertical video, allowing for a more immersive and engaging viewing experience.

As such, Adrift Visuals captured much of the footage for the Ooni campaign in vertical format to ensure the content would be optimised for social media platforms. This allowed for the videos to take up more real estate on mobile screens, making it easier for users to engage with and share the content.

In conclusion, the Adrift team had a fantastic time working with Ooni and Chris to create some stunning imagery showcasing their delicious pizza recipe. The shoot was a great success, and the team enjoyed working together to create a visually stunning campaign. The crew's favourite part of the shoot was, of course, getting to try out the homemade pizza - a delicious end to a fantastic day of shooting!

For more content captured on this shoot please check out the work page.


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