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Moments in Motion | Our Story

What is Adrift?

Adrift is a UK based photography and video production agency, specialising in producing creative, engaging, story-driven visual content for the adventure and outdoors sector.

Born through Alice and Sam's joint passion for the ocean and the great outdoors, Adrift has captured moments for brands across the globe. 

We believe that creative production is a specialist activity. By solely focusing on content production and storytelling, Adrift uses the power of in-house specialist knowledge to deliver agile, high-quality photography, and video production. 

With every project that we have the pleasure of being part of, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of film and photo, embracing every brief like it's our own.

Nature is our canvas and our office. We love capturing authentic moments of people discovering the benefits of positive experiences in nature.

Who are Alice and Sam?

Alice and Sam are the co-founders of Adrift. Together they incorporate their knowledge and expertise in the film and photography world to bring next level visual work to their clients. Alice and Sam have been working together for over 3 years on a variety of projects and live together in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Filmmaker | Editor | Photographer

Alice Greenfield

Coming from a background in film production, Alice combines film and photos in her storytelling. Alice's love of the natural world and passion to protect it, drives her ever-growing thirst to explore, travel and share positive stories of the great outdoors. Alice is often found close to the coastline, enjoying water sports, and writing about past adventures.

Sam Morris

Sam’s passion for photography was born from his love of adventure, travel, and exploration. Thinking of his photography as a journal of experiences, with each image telling its own story, capturing a moment and savouring the changes in weather, light and season. Sam is a CAA qualified drone pilot with years of flights logged.

What are our key values?

1. We are relentlessly passionate We love a challenge and pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Filmmaking and photography are about continual problem-solving, especially in the adventure sector. We're adaptive, we're open-minded, we're creative. We will always go the extra to make our client's vision come to life. Most of all, we love what we do, and that shows in our work.

2. 'Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures' We undoubtedly love and respect the natural world around us, and in return try and protect it. Nature is our canvas and positive moments spent outdoors is what we live for. We are conscious travellers, never taking, only giving. We instill planet-friendly practices in our production, from using reusable water bottles when working to only working with brands that have the same vision for the environment. 

3. Gratitude for what we do

Whether we're working together for the first time, or the tenth time, we're dedicated to each individual client. There are lots of ways you could choose to have your story captured and we are endlessly grateful that our clients choose us. In gratitude, we work with people who are naturally passionate about creating world class film making and photography services

Want to see some of our work? Head to our client area.

If you have a project in mind that needs shooting, a brand that needs showcasing to the world, a story that needs telling, or you just want to say hello, reach out below.


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