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Picnics with Fortnum & Mason

Is is really summer without a picnic on the beach?

A few months ago, luxury department store Fortnum & Mason, famous for their Hamper collections, got in contact with an exciting photography project centred around wild swimming picnic spots. We obviously jumped at this opportunity!

Here on the Isle of Wight where the Adrift team is based, we have some stunning coastal landscapes and beaches. Anything from sandy beaches, to rugged rocky bays. Perfect for all sorts of photography and video briefs. We often swim in these waters and coming out from a chilly dip to an F&M hamper sounded pretty darn perfect.

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight, July 2021

Together with close friends Emily and Josh and co-founder Sam on the camera, we set out to create a series of images shot during a stunning summer golden hour. We set up the hamper past the high tide line and sat down to soak up the evening sun. We enjoyed the Fortnum & Mason Sparkling Tea (as seen in the images below) which was perfect and refreshing before going for a dip!

Fortnum & Mason's marketing team loved the series so much that they want to use them across all their platforms, website and in-store. The images were originally intended for an online blog only so we are very excited that they will be shown far and wide!

Thanks to Emily and Josh for joining us for this shoot.

Here are a few selects from the series:


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