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The Driftwood Artist

Back in August, Adrift Visuals had the pleasure of producing the aerial and underwater filming for a stunning mini doc about the Isle of Wights driftwood artist Josh Hibberd.

We were delighted to capture a story close to home and help magnify Josh's incredible story.

See below for the film!

'The Driftwood Artist' by Isca Media.

From Isca: "We took a trip over to the Isle of Wight (where Oli grew up) to make a film about Josh Hibberd, an amazing artist who creates masterpieces by painting on wood washed up on the beaches around where he lives. Aiming to showcase the natural beauty of Josh's home but also the story behind his work, we made this film to help Josh rebrand himself as 'The Driftwood Artist' and reach as many people as possible. We loved his story and his work so much we bought the painting of the lifeboat for our office!


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